In Private Voice Lessons, we will focus mainly on technique, breathing, diction, posture, broadening range in the vocals, and working on a wide variety of songs that fit your vocal needs, as well as bringing you out of your comfort zone and pushing your voice to grow. We will start making your own "Song Book" with a wide variety of music in different genres so you are prepared to walk into any audition and feel confident, or if you aren't planning on auditioning, you will become versatile and knowledgeable about all different types of music. This is a great option for the student that has a goal of being a solo performer and getting cast in lead roles. 



  This class if offered as a one time audition prep class that is usually taken the week before an audition is coming up. This full hour will focus on the audition as a whole, including the singing, acting, introduction, dos and don'ts in the audition room, confidence building, monologue workshopping, and Broadway style audition techniques. 

Voice Lesson